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Artist's Statement:

I am a designer and maker of environments using skills in video projection design, scenic painting, and scenic design to challenge audience perception of physical environments. My deepest compulsion is to observe and then convey the dynamic landscape of the human experience and mind. 

A picture speaks a thousand words. An immersive space speaks many thousands.



Stephanie Busing is an environment and live performance designer currently based in Atlanta, GA. She graduated from the University of Texas with an MFA in Theatrical Design: Integrated Media in 2014 and now designs video projections and scenery for theatre, musicals, opera, dance, museums, and symphonies. Busing takes special interest in designing immersive works that challenge audience perception of physical space and convey the dynamic landscape of the human experience and mind. 

Busing is a co-founding member of Underbelly, a theatre company that pulls from the American literary canon to create immersive stories in unusual spaces. She has designed video projections and scenery for three of Underbelly’s productions including Alice in Wonderland, an adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice novels performed at ZACH Theatre in Austin, Texas and the New Victory Theatre in NYC. Alice in Wonderland invited audience members of all ages to leave the introductory theatre space and travel through backstage hallways and to exterior settings including a rain garden, Humpty Dumpty’s wall in a parking lot, and to ZACH’s Topfer Theatre plaza where the Queen of Hearts orchestrated a giant croquet game with the audience. 

Busing has also designed video projections and scenery for the premiere of Into the Wild in Dexter, Michigan, a musical based on the life and death of Christopher McCandless. Her work on Into the Wild was described by a2View as “breathtaking”, with video projections “beautifully interwoven with the story”. According to Encore Michigan, “such layering of images projected, and this level of production value has never been done in Michigan before”. Busing’s video projections incorporated over one hundred original photos and journal entries from archives of McCandless’s travels.

In 2017, while in residence at Zorrozaurre Art Work In Progress (ZAWP) in Bilbao, Spain, Busing collaborated with dancer and choreographer Chell Parkins to film and edit several short documentaries of Wanderlust Dance: VC, a project which staged site-specific dance performances at sites throughout northern Spain including Sopelana Beach, the city of San Sebastian, and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. 

Other notable designs include: World at War, video projections set to Shostakovich’s Leningrad Symphony, performed at Texas Performing Arts Center; video projections for Broadway Sacramento’s Singin’ in the Rain at the Wells Fargo Theatre; video projections and scenery for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at ZACH Theatre; exhibit design for UMLAUF Sculpture Garden and Museum’s Studio in the Museum, a replication of sculptor Charles Umlauf's studio space. 

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