Instagram handle: s_bewsing


Artist's Statement:

I am a designer and maker of environments using skills in video projection design, scenic painting, and scenic design to challenge audience perception of physical environments. My deepest compulsion is to observe and then convey the dynamic landscape of the human experience and mind. 

A picture speaks a thousand words. An immersive space speaks many thousands.



Stephanie Busing is an environment and live performance designer currently based in Atlanta, GA. She graduated from the University of Texas with an MFA in Theatrical Design: Integrated Media in 2014 and now designs for musicals, museums, theatre, opera, dance, film/tv, and symphonies. Recent video projection and scenic designs include: Into the Wild (video/scenery, Encore Musical Theatre), With Great Difficulty Alice Sits (scenery, Salvage Vanguard Theatre), Mary Poppins (video, ZACH Theatre), World at War (video, Texas Performing Arts Center),  Alice in Wonderland (scenery and video, Underbelly Theatre), Studio in the Museum (scenery and video, UMLAUF). Stephanie is a founding company member of Underbelly Theatre which writes and produces immersive site-specific plays for atypical spaces: